• Energy/Holistic healer's best friend
  • Exponentiate healing
  • Pain relief
  • Pathways to the lightbody
  • Wormhole to 5D Energy
  • Manifestation
  • Removal of entities, impurities, blockages
  • Powerful protection - EMF
  • Chakras / Meridians / Accupoints
  • Detoxification
Puramyd does all this and more, and with a full 90-day moneyback guarantee, it's impossible to go wrong. Plus there are free workshops on its many uses. Life just becomes smoother and easier. As you clarify, you will feel lighter, clearer, more present, joyful and purposeful, with a daily increase in holistic wellness. It will do all this without you asking it to, and it will start the moment you open the package. Learn more or order now to the right.

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Merlin Power Stones are modern supertech based on ancient magic, in the purest sense of that term. Merlin himself gave the 26 step process involved in making these, which includes 7 firings in an oven at 2000 degrees. These are specific to you, made for you right from the start and under the auspices of your own highest self. These are your conduit to the Godhead, the Core of Creation. If you're an aspiring magus, this belongs in your toolkit.

MPSs do everything Puramyds do, but only for you. They place you squarely on your highest path and then clear it of all obstacles standing between you and your authentic functioning, according to your own plan coming into this world. Just holding one can be a mind-blowing experience. The energy is astonishing. Learn More or order now to the left.

If you would like to ask owners questions or read feedback in general, please visit The Superbeings.

These are fantastic when placed in jewelry settings, rings and necklaces.

$2000 = 13-16 grams // 1 - 1.25" // 12.4 grams gold
$1500 = 10-13 grams // .75 - 1" // 9.3 grams gold
$1000 = 7-10 grams // .5 - .75" // 6.2 grams gold
$600 = 4-7 grams // .3 - .5" // 3.1 grams gold
$400 = 3-4 grams // .2 - .3" // 2 grams gold


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  • Create Life Harmony & Rediscover Joy
  • Achieve Your Goals and Dreams
  • Realize and Live Your Soul’s Purpose
  • Move into Advanced Spiritual States
  • Reorganize Your Life Into One of Dynamic Discovery
  • Access Greater Focus, Healing and Empowerment

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