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              Marketing, with over 31 years in the New Age field, 72
              years in Metaphysics and 11 years experience, references,
              and results with Ethical Qualified eMail and Internet

"We are truly grateful for the Doves - for their work and their integrity. Their email service is efficient and effective and it resonates with a heart felt energy that is so unique and rare to experience via the internet. They have assisted us numerous times. We highly recommend them!"
Many thanks and much love!"
Andi & Jonathan Goldman

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We have the world's first large Aquarian Age eMail list and eMail Marketing Program allowing over 111,000 opt-in permission based eMail addresses (including our Social Networks) mailed to daily! All from people who want to learn about your Web site, its products and services!

No software to download, no specific expertise required from your end. We do it All from our professional bulk email servers. Put your web site promotions on autopilot!

We Specialize In:

  • Natural Healing, Cosmic Energy
  • Spiritual Healers of All Kinds
  • New Age Musicians
  • New Thought Artists
  • Yogis (Sadhus, men who consecrate their lives to spiritual knowledge) & Yoginis-(yoga priestesses)
  • Star Seeds, Native Shaman
  • Light Workers
  • New Age, Holistic Events & Spiritual Expositions of All Kinds
  • Metaphysical, New Age & Aquarian Authors & Goodly UFO-ET relations

Put the power of Stardoves MARKETING WITH THE STARS eMail campaigns at your fingertips to increase YOUR client base and profitability. Go to our Prices & Ordering Page NOW to Start Right Away!

We get you sales, subscribers, names and addresses from people who really are waiting for services like yours who use eMail communication all the time. We have Happy Clients who have been with us 17 years! See our Advertisers Testimonials.

The Original Metaphysical ~ Holistic Health ~ Aquarian Age eList

Marketing With The Stars has a live vibrant network of readers and Web sites along with expos and trade shows that continually renew their subscriptions and or send us new readers. We are the oldest New World eMail list of this kind, with tens of thousands continually added often and regularly since 1998. We have hundreds of active popular Web sites, blogs and newsletters that carry our exclusive List Ring Banners gaining us opt-in readers daily! PLUS staff or arrangements at major New World Expos across the planet adding opt-in eMail addresses continually. We also have a half-million eMail addresses that we work with daily to qualify and secure double opt-in rights.

We Take Extraordinary Measures To Help You Get Your Message Out To The Planet!!

We are experts in eMail Subject Lines that capture audiences attention! We will help you to become fishers of customers!

We will help you. We cultivate the proper understanding of Marketing so that creative Light Beings can present their services and blessings to the Planet. In this changing world we can keep our ethical standards and still be successful, no longer seeing a dog eat dog world, but a world of joy, plenty, caring and an insistence on honor and serving others rather then service to self. In this way we present a Win-Win-Win scenario for our readers, our clients and ourselves, literally: WE ARE ONE!

Whether you need a one-time marketing campaign, a reliable ongoing marketing program, or your own custom marketing solution, eMail us and let's get started.