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So many readers of Stardoves want to share their thoughts and feelings with StarDoves {Dr. Raja & Prof. Moira} because of the meaningful information and news about worthy products they receive from eBroadcasts and eMail. You are welcome to submit yours.

"Please keep me on your list – I love getting emails from StarDoves – and I save everyone in my StarDoves file for future reference after I read them all. I find the most refreshing, enlightened and conscious emails all beautifully done with StarDoves than with any emails I receive and it is an absolute pleasure receiving them. What a great job you are doing as you are serving such a critical function in bringing the light workers together and serving as the communication network for us all. Keep up the great work and for sure keep those great emails coming. Thanks, Bruce"

"I was on your mailing list for years....and then the mailings stopped. I assumed you had discontinued your site. It is good to know you are still providing this provocative work. Please reinstall me on your mailing list. Thank you and many blessings,
Lana Rayseen"

"Please add me to your subscription service for new films. I'm the Unity of Sarasota spiritual cinema film coordinator and am always looking for good films to show the Sarasota community. Thanks,
Jo Mooy"

"As a StarDoves subscriber for many years, I have been truly amazed at the quality of offerings I have CONSISTENTLY received! In a day and time when signing up for a mailing list is usually an invitation to get bombarded with worthless or redundant information, StarDoves is a WONDERFUL exception! I have lost track of how many StarDove advertisers I have responded to over the years... ALL of which have been worthwhile and everything they claimed to be. I really appreciate the fact that StarDoves' focus is about people and services which are related to the immense vibrational changes happening on the planet. There are so many possibilities, at this point in time and I, for one, am grateful that StarDoves helps me be aware of (and participate in) so many of the discoveries that others are making and sharing. My thanks to you, StarDoves! Please keep up the GREAT service! I am looking forward to adding my own business to this wonderful group of Earth Healers! "
J. Elle ~ Pennsylvania

"We learned of your service a short while ago and are quite interested. We understand that you have an excellent reputation and have served the metaphysical community very well for many years.

If you would be so kind, would you take a moment and look at our website to let us know if our site would be a good candidate for your email marketing service?

We offer personal empowerment / metaphysical / energy based and health related products.

Also, would you please send us a sample of one of your mailings so that we can get a better idea of how they are structured?

Thank you for your time.

"I appreciate the personal touch. I "see" your vision at Stardoves. Above and beyond your perfected email listings, you are creating Global Family with powerful intent of "Global Tranformation". Blessings to all of you and I support your vision. The God, The Goddess Energy is coming in so powerful. Oneness is very possible most likely it is destiny! Health, wealth, true friends, laughter and dancing with Joy is all our lifespring merging with "The One"!!!!!!! Success to you.

"Out of all the emails I get, StarDoves' Marketing With the Stars messages are the most welcome. In Fact, I do not erase them because the information and resources in them are so empowering. I love hearing about the latest in new age services, events, products, techniques, and personalities. All the teachers and events are available to me through this service in a "heads-up" way that reminds me how very powerful all the tools now are.

The Ascension process on Earth and for all humanity is facilitated by the service StarDoves offers. The updates and alerts about the cosmic influences, the latest new age technologies, the guidance of the Masters in all realms, the channelers and the healers, the connection with the ever-evolving highest aspects of the collective human mind: all these things and more make StarDoves' service to me pricelessly precious.

Dr. Ra-Ja and Professor Moi-Ra dedicate their mission to the healing of all humanity and the Earth, and it is thru their guidance that this great work of spreading the information is manifested in such an uplifting and empowering way. I give my deepest thanks to god/goddess for their resource constantly rippling through to my inbox, reminding me of my connection with the hugest circle of Light Workers to ever incarnate at the same time on this planet, reminding me that our collective work is so diverse and far reaching as to touch every aspect of Life, reminding me that the whole circle shares the same Divine Center with each of us, and reminding me to never forget that we are all involved in the greatest miracle of Love the Earth has ever seen--truly saving the world.

Thank you StarDoves for this holy work you do so humbly and perform so well.

May each email be blessed with the healing power of the Most High, Halleluiah!

Neriah Lothamer"

"I want to thank you for advertising the St Germain beauty products which I purchased thru Stardoves.
They are great!
Thanks for bringing such great products to us!

"Dear Stardoves,

Yes! I am happy that I AM still on your subscription list.
I do enjoy all your mailings and have actually ordered products. Thanks.
Daisy G. Toribio ~ Finance/Toronto Public Library"

"Hi: I really enjoy getting your e-mails, they have been very helpful to me and I am sure to everybody that gets them, you are doing a terrific service to humanity. May God bless you on the New Year and always Thanks a lot. Martha Lopez"


"I have been enjoying receiving your emails very, very much. Happy New Year and thank you! Selene"

"I want to thank everybody here at Stardoves. I have been a reader of Stardoves for more then 7 years. The people behind Stardoves are unique individuals who truly care for what they are doing, they know what they are doing, and what they are doing is for the good of not only them and those they communicate, but for humankind in general. I have studied at the University of Iceland for four years by now, and Stardoves are very lucky to have academic wisdom too. Academic and scientific support for the development of true spirituality is not only important, it is very important for all of us, and not just humankind in general, but for life on Earth also. It is materialistic science, that has created the confusion we the people of this planet feel about our future.

We at the University of Iceland encourage Stardoves to continue in their spiritual quest, and we wish to encourage people world wide, to recognize the importance of spirituality, and how it can be used, to promote different views in this unique communication. We realize a higher perspective, and that what really matters is love, thru Stardoves. This is helping our children and their generations, and how the future Earth will benefit from that learning. Thank You Stardoves!

Ásgeir Valur Sigurðsson"
Frakkastigur 26B 101 Reykjavik Iceland

"So.. i get a lot of your mails. That's cool. I notice this shift and appreciate it. I find myself laying outside at night sometimes and waiting for a ship of some kind. I figure that's probably not what it is about. Well just letting you know I love you. Thanks for being here. I look forward to a HIGHER VIBRATIONAL PLANET. Joel Wedberg"

"Da Vid, & StarDoves, thank you for your great help in disseminating Matthew's message! You, your sites, the Light Work are performing such a valuable service! LOVE and PEACE... Suzy ~ MATTHEW BOOKS,"

"Blessings to you all, Thank you for this wonderful service. I know it takes up a lot of your time, but it is worth it! Thanks again. Cathasha"

"Thank you! You're service is truly inspired. I am appreciate your flexibility. Blessings, Elizabeth Tobin"

"This is James Gilliland with ECETI and Aquarius Water. It was a pleasure meeting you and your mate. She was very loving and powerful. I hope people understood the message as she was greatly overlooked. When she spoke she confirmed what I was sensing. She should speak more often. It was awesome. One of the reasons I am writing is the water company wants to do some advertising and I would like to as well as long as I can afford it. Let me know more about the advertising, how many people it goes out to and the price. Thanks, blessings on your journey. James Gilliland"

"You guys are FABULOUS! I Love and save all your emails! Kathleen Caterino"

"Greetings Dr. RAJa and Prof. MoiRA!

This will help me tremendously! A much better understanding that what I was taught through Christianity. Even when I did my own studies, I didn't think of going in depth to learn more about "karma" or "reaping what you sow". I should of it would of saved me from hurting myself so much. I printed this out so I can do an in depth study. So from this day forward I will be more conscious of what I do and say. Sincere soul felt gratitude! Thank you so very much... Many (((HUGS))) to my very dear Prof. MoiRA, please!

"Stardoves", you have literally saved my life, from the begriming when I first started emailing you, you would take the time to answer my many questions. Others would shun me. I would ask and ask and get the same from all others except you. Forty-eight years is a long time with no answers...There is much gratitude deep within my soul heart. I was hanging on a thread of hair before totally giving up on life period. Very much Intention of mega Blessings to my beloved "Stardoves"! To me you are my family.

Double Blessings of God's unconditional Love,"

Nikohra Tantahpe IV

"Dear Stardoves:

It is with great anticipation that I read your emails.

I am emailing to request, if you have this reference, the location of a news item I cannot find for the life of me in my Stardoves list since last May, and was wondering if you could locate at least the light worker's name in question or his website address. The email comprised information on a certain type of salt that prolonged life, if I recall, and this German scientist/light worker's who designed the recipe is known to have an I.Q. higher than Einstein.

I recall printing out the website information, and have yet to locate it from a box of papers. If you could assist me in the meantime in locating this information, if at all possible, I would be most appreciative.

Thank you and have a Love Dove day,
Luisa Castagnaro"

"Dearest StarDoves:
Thank you so much for all you do. I enjoy immensely receiving your information. May you enjoy every Blessing of this most Beautiful Season and may the New Year Bring all you Wish for and More. Love, Light, and Laughter, Shelley Hess, Toronto, Ontario, Canada."

"Dear Stardoves, I have been absolutely thrilled with the Hollow Earth book by Dianne Robbins that I bought from your eMails, and have made a very very deep connection. I am so excited, I just wanted you to know. I have passed the information on to everyone I can pssibly think of, and hope they will too. Thank you so much. Please please keep me informated if any other important information is coming out, and put me on your mailing list if you have one. Thanks In love and gratitude, Ginny"

"Please add me name to your mailing list. A friend has been forwarding your e-mails to me and I just love them. Thank you. Helen Prescott"

"Sign me up please. May your days be filled with Love, peace and joy and all things beautiful, uplifting, enriching, ennobling and prospering. Yours for a better world and a saner, kinder, more loving and humane humanity, David Laurence Pinkney, Director The Order of Golden Hearts & Only Love Spiritual Ministry World service organizations dedicated with Love to helping build a better world via advanced education for the spiritual enlightenment, upliftment and enrichment of humankind."

"Hi, Would you please accept my request of subscription to your precious List. Thanks in advance. Maurizio Baiata ~ EXPLAIN Association Rome - Italy"

"Dear StarDoves, I have enjoyed receiving your emails since last Christmas! Thank you ever so much for referring Dr. Joshua David Stone's work. I am taking all five of his correspondence courses, which are most uplifting during these difficult times. Have a great day. Thank you, Luisa A Castagnaro"

"Dear Sir/madam, Grateful please if you could bookmark or enlist me on your contact list. I have accessed your site through search engine and I'm interested in information that I read from your web-page. My name: Meffrey Poenjili Awao Country: Solomon Islands Thanks for your understanding. Kd rgds Meff"

"Add me to your list. Deborah Gruber, Executive Manager
Independent Consultant with Arbonne
Your link to the most dynamic business opportunity!!"

"Warm Greetings Stardoves,
I'd like to change my e-mail address. Thanking you in advance, Dahlia Kresch Miller
Rainforest Beach Retreat Centre on the OSA PENINSULA of COSTA RICA!"

"Sign Me Up! Got ideas for effectively promoting my work as a Mathematics Coach? James
Inside each of us is a mathematician. This mathematician within us is comfortable and at peace. He is ready to serve us as we are conscious of him."

"Please add the email of my friend to your mailing list. Thanks, J. Smith"

"Hello, my name is Pat and I would like to be placed on your e-mail list for future spiritual news and information. My friend Alana, mentioned that I could recieve an e-mail from you regarding Adama's message.
Blessings, Pat"

"Hello, Aloha,
Please may I be put on your e-mail list.
Many thanks, from New Zealand
Dolphin Smiles & Rainbows
Love & Light

Dear ET,
You send me such beautiful messages, which I would LOVE to send to others. Here is my dilemma. Hotmail does not allow me to FORWARD, don't ask me why!! And, could I have the one sent today -- You Have An Appointment With God sent to my new address? I know several of my friends would LOVE to have this message. Thank you so much. Blessings in the Love and Light of the Divine, Shirley Olander"

"Dear Sir, I would be very grateful if you can send me some news letter or email or any information. Thank you very much and God Bless Loves, Raju"

"Keep me on the list please.
Ashok Sharma
World Peace & Nuclear Disarmament
New Delhi India * CHD Projects
Mahabharat Nirman * NGOs Network

"Please place me on your email list. By the way...I have three grown sons who are named Peace On Earth, (age 36) Joy To the World (age 34 ) and Love (age 32).
Love, Tamar Hodel"

"Please add me to your mailing list. I love your website and really resonate with your work. Namaste, Violet"

"Please add me to your mailing list I thank William Schive for sending me to your site.
TamaracHigh Wildlife Sanctuary and OwlFeather Medicine Lodge"

"Please put me on your email list. This is a fabulous site!! Pamela Mccabe"

"I would like to be placed on your e-mail list. I am Patricia A Stolz, Kettering, Ohio Thank You, Much! What a Web-site !!!!!"

"I would very much like to be on your email list. Thank you. Selene Zeisler"

"Please place me on your mailing list. I met you at Wesak. Dr. Eva Wilson"

"Sign me up! I need info on how to jumpstart a new age product."

"I am subscribing to your email list with great interest!
Mahalo, A`nah"

"All praise to beloved Master St. Germain. Please sign me up.

"Love this site. Please put me on mailing list. I do Reiki and some other things and work with world web/grid , heart, etc all the time. Jan Johnston, Reiki Master Teacher and Wolf Monarch of the Isterfen Shamanic Adept Tradition and Toltec Eagle Knight. I keep envisioning myself as being Love and Peace. I appreciate what you are doing on your site. My, what a lot of reading I am going to have to do to absorb all you are presenting...Namaste, Jan
Thanks. Namaste, Jan Johnston ~ Reiki Master Teacher, Founder Reiki Councils of Light"

"Please include me on your mailing list! Great Work!
Patrick Flanagan


Please add me to your mailing list.
Blessings and Light be with you in your work.
Many thanks,
Dr Colin Beattie"

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