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Here we offer YOU the ability to post your Creative (Ads) as you send in our daily Emails for you, so readers and visitors to our web site, as well as your contacts you invite to see your ads here at StarDoves eDock, to bookmark to return to for themselves. Instead of just seeing them in Emails that disappear after their schedule runs the gamut. Now the entire Omniverse may see them at any time live on-line! Everyone will be able to see your Creatives any time, and for all time, for the life of the ad, or for as long as you pay the premium the ad will remain on StarDoves eDock!

Clients wishing to post your Creative (Ad/s) here on StarDoves eDock web pages, please order below.

These are low introductory prices and will increase soon!
Be among the first to GET SEEN PERMANENTLY:
$150 Monthly
$350 3 Months
$500 6 Months
$750 1 Year

Note: These fees are very low eDock (new service) introductory prices. They will increase 6 months out from the new launch. You are urged to grandfather yourself in and buy now at these low prices and as long as you continuously keep your ads going on eDock you may renew at these very low rates.


  1. Just select the number of insertions that you wish from above price table.
  2. Click on the Buy Now button , and use your credit card or your Pay Pal account. Alternately you may call us at (575) 770-5426.
  3. Then send by eMail what you wish to post on StarDoves eDock to ra@stardoves.com. Tell us when you want to begin. You can also have your own page (see prices for that above).